The project

The Local Integrity System Index is a three-year initiative of Transparency International-Bulgaria, implemented since November 2014 with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation. The initiative is an expression of the view of Transparency International-Bulgaria that the effective counteraction to corruption in Bulgaria depends on the participation of the key institutions and social actors at local level.

The priorities of the project are:

  • To develop the capacity of civil society structures for monitoring and assessment of the activities of institutions and social actors at local level;
  • To involve civil society organizations in initiatives for transfer of good practices, related to the principles of good governance and anticorruption;
  • To enhance the anticorruption capacity of local administration by developing sustainable anticorruption policies and the introduction of good governance models;
  • To stimulate the interaction between institutions and social actors throughout the regions of the country with the objective of transferring good practices, effective practical models of good governance and policies for prevention of corruption.

The initiative is implemented through three main activity lines:

  • Assessment of the capacity of local public institutions and other actions to implement sustainable anticorruption policies; elaboration of an annual Local Integrity System Index;
  • Strengthening the integrity of local communities: development of the capacity of local authorities to implement long-term policies for prevention of corruption;
  • Advocacy for reforms in the local anticorruption policies.

As a result of the implementation of the monitoring methodology, a Local Integrity System Index is elaborated annually. It allows for annual comparative assessments of the anticorruption capacity, role and impact of key institutions and social actors at local level: municipal council, mayor, municipal administration, political parties, business, media, non-governmental organizations, courts and police. The index is elaborated on the basis of a detailed set of indicators for assessment of the institutions in all 27 regional municipalities of the country. The first Local Integrity System Index was published on 9 December 2015.

The assessment, as well as the other project activities, are implemented in collaboration with a broad network of non-governmental organizations, working in the corresponding regions. These organizations are partners of TI-Bulgaria in the implementation of the initiative. See Partners section for further information.