Presenting the results of Local Integrity System Index for 2023 could be follow on line:

Today, 12 December 2023, Transparency International – Bulgaria officially presents the results of the annual Local Integrity System Index – 2023.

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For the fifth year Local Integrity System Index present a comparative picture of the anti-corruption capacity, role and importance of the municipal council, mayor, municipal administration, political parties, judicial authorities, police, business, media and civil society  and healthcare in the 27 municipalities – regional centers in Bulgaria.

All data from Index 2023 are available on the initiatives website:


Transparency International Bulgaria created an “Investment Climate Map in the Municipalities”

The map of the investment climate in the municipalities presents data on the business environment and the conditions for investment in the 27 municipalities – regional centers in Bulgaria. It is a new analytical product of Transparency International Bulgaria, which builds on the comprehensive analytical model for evaluation of institutions at local level – “Local Integrity System”.

The investment climate map is based on research and analysis of information in 5 categories (including 49 indicators) that are relevant to the environment for conducting business and attracting investments in municipalities:

1) availability of publicly available and adequately structured information on the rules for economic activity and administrative services in municipalities;

2) policies and measures to promote innovative technology startups and relaxed conditions for emerging businesses;

3) policies and measures to attract investment;

4) key indicators from the LISI project survey on municipal councils, mayors and municipal administrations, police structures and courts, which determine the conditions for economic activity in municipalities;

5) key indicators from the LISI study on civil society structures (media, civil society organizations, business and political parties), which reflect the ability to monitor and control public institutions, respectively to create an environment conducive to investment and fair competition between economic actors.

The scale for assessing the performance of municipalities is as follows:

5very good performance – an indicator of a very good level of the investment climate and very favorable conditions of the environment for conducting business
4Good performance – an indicator of a good level of investment climate and a favorable environment for conducting business
3Average performance – an indicator of partial measures taken to create an environment to attract investments and relatively good conditions for conducting business
2Unsatisfactory performance – an indicator of lack of targeted efforts to create an environment to attract investment and an unfavorable environment for conducting business
1Poor performance – an indicator of lack of efforts to create an environment to attract investment and an unfavorable environment for conducting business

Detailed information about the results of the analysis can be found here.


Transparency International Bulgaria continues its cooperation with municipalities at local level

Transparency International Bulgaria initiated a series of working meetings with municipalities that build their capacity and work to improve the systems related to publicity, transparency, and accountability in the work of the municipality, as well as control over public service providers, transparent interaction with local business and impartial approach to control over compliance with the rules of economic activity.

As of mid-February 2023, meetings were convened with the mayoral teams of the municipalities of Pernik and Blagoevgrad. On the 23rd of February 2023 a meeting will be held with representatives of the municipality of Sliven.

Based on the results of Index 2022, the team of Transparency International Bulgaria prepared recommendations for improving policies for transparent and accountable management, as well as tools to improve interaction with other social structures at local level.

Over the next two months, similar meetings are planned with the mayoral teams of six more municipalities.

On   the basis of the prepared analyses, our expert team assists the municipalities that have declared their readiness for purposeful work related to consulting developed draft documents and providing specialized materials on topics related to transparency and integrity of decision-making, conflict of interest, good governance, anti-corruption. 

Transparency International Bulgaria organizes these activities in connection with the project “Local Integrity System Index – Sustainable Business Development”, implemented with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation.

1 2 3 10 11 12

2023, Index values by pillar, All Cities

all pillars 3.00municipal consil 3.69mayor 3.80municipal administration 3.06political parties 3.65courts 3.30police 2.67business 2.98media 3.02civil society 3.15municipal health