Methodology 2023

The 2023 sstudy includes 10 institutions and sectors of socio-economic life, which are examined through the prism of: capacity for effective functioning of the surveyed sectors, their role and contribution to the development of local communities in the context of good governance and prevention of corruption. These, in turn, are evaluated through  177 indicators. The indicators reflect specific functions of the studied sector, which depend on the legislative regulation and the relevance of the particular indicator. The methodology of the study, conducted in 2023, has been updated to reflect: new requirements of anti-corruption legislation on the protection of persons who report or publicly disclose information on breaches and the practical actions of institutions and public structures in complying with the new legislation; actions of public structures in relation to the integrity and transparency of local elections (relevant to parties,  media and business); new methods for obtaining information on the management of structures in municipal healthcare.